Membership Benefits

NJFPA offers information on marketing and consumer trends, food safety strategies, technology innovations, a host of sales and marketing tips, and other topics featured on the website, at our annual conference, and in our electronic newsletters. Here are a few additional benefits to be aware of:

  • Participation in industry roundtables
  • Connection to contacts that can help you work through challenging questions or tough issues
  • Online educational and networking resources, including a website and monthly newsletters
  • Members-only discounts on operational expenses commonly incurred by food processors
  • Networking opportunities that give you the chance to land new deals
  • Discounted invitations to events like NJFPA’s Annual Conference

Members are also eligible for additional benefits including:

Special Offers to NJFPA Members

Offer Type Company Additional Details Contact
Pest Control Action Termite &
Pest Control

Complimentary Pest Evaluation as well as 10% Discount on Any Services Provided 

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Uniform Discounts

Aramark Uniform Services

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Jefrey Peterson
[email protected]

Safe Food Software

rai Business Software

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Jim Remo

Fuel Discount


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Carl Ray
[email protected]

Workers's Compensation 

Sustain, an Inova Captive

Learn More Shawn Knechtel
[email protected] 
Pest Control Western Pest Services Complimentary Pest Evaluation

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Membership is divided into two categories. In the food processors categorydues are $400 for large processors and $200 for small. In the associate member category, the dues are $400.