COVID-19 Resources
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The quickest way for life to return to normal is for people to get vaccinated. There are no out-of-pocket costs for the COVID-19 vaccine and vaccines are provided to anyone with or without health insurance no matter their immigration status.

The NJ Department of Health's has created vaccine resources specifically for employers including the New Jersey COVID-19 Business Information Site and the NEW NJ Employer COVID-19 Vaccine promotion toolkit— practical tools to help your employees get vaccinated and back to work fast: flyers and email templates, proven incentives that work, and how to hold a no-cost pop up vaccine clinic.

The main NJ DOH COVID-19 Vaccination resources page also has flyers, social media images, tool kits, fact sheets, and more to help you share vaccination resources with your employees:

 If you need help accessing vaccination resources, email us at [email protected]


Additional New Jersey and National Resources:

Member COVID Resources - webinars, analysis and more from members & partners

New Jersey State Resources 

National & International Resources    

National Food Industry Resources 

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