New Member Spotlight: Beneficial Bakery

New Member Spotlight: Beneficial Bakery

Beneficial Bakery heard about NJFPA from yet another fabulous NJ resource: Choose NJ. Knowing the value of connections and relationships, they dove into their first OTR, toured the Rutgers FIC, and are crisscrossing the state looking for new connections.

 "Beneficial Bakery was founded in May 2021 by Dr. Diane Melano in EHT, NJ. We ferment vegetables from over 60 qualified farms in NJ into a pantry of ingredients that are used to create the most delicious baked goods. Our products contain prebiotic microbiome-accessible carbohydrates (MACs) and a variety of probiotic live bacteria that promote improved gut health. As we grow our supply chain we are hoping to meet potential partners who have (i) food prep space available for lease, and/or (ii) capacity to wash vegetables."

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